The Oviposition Chronicles – Cargo

Verity is in trouble. With her money and passport stolen from her hotel, her backpacking holiday has turned into a nightmare. So when a stranger offers to pay her to smuggle a rare egg for him, it seems like it might be an easy route to safety.

But when Verity finds out she is going to have to carry the egg inside her own body, she wonders if the deal she has made may lead her further into danger…

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Five Star Reader reviews for The Oviposition Chronicles – Cargo

“This series hits my sweet spot for near perfect erotica balance – my inexplicable oviposition fetish, just enough characterization, just dubious / reluctant enough consent, an attention to detail, and perfect length. The author says they wrote these stories because they wanted to see more of this style of work out there, and I do too. Excellent stories.

This book is my second favorite in the series (of the four released so far) because it also includes a gyno fetish. The ending is well done leaving just enough to the imagination.”



The first six Chronicles are also available in an Omnibus volume:

The Oviposition Chronicles: darkly erotic tales of egg implantation.

The Ovi Chronicles

The human body is the perfect cradle for bearing life. But not just human life.Over nameless eons, aliens have used us as host for their unknowable brood. For what safer place to lay their countless eggs than to hide them in the warm belly of a human female? Inside a fertile girl whose body is receptive, ripe for filling with the dread larvae of a slavering alien beast? An inquisitive girl who yearns to see her belly swell as new life grows within her womb? A naïve girl who secretly craves the wicked delights of being corrupted? A vulnerable girl who – even as she realises the fate that awaits at the bulging tip of the ovipositor – will still meekly come to have it done?

Beware the cold night. For the alien lurks in darkness. And a woman is the warmest place to hide.

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