Xenofestation 1-02 – Beached


Obscenity is the mother of invention as the challenges keep mounting up for mercenary explorer Lieutenant Ortiz. Collecting alien specimens for the Xenoplantation Programme is hard enough without a Droon scout carelessly destroying all her carefully-placed traps, and on top of that she has an unruly troop of mercenary hunters who keep getting in her head. Still, perhaps she can use one problem to solve another, in a novel and highly satisfying manner…

Meanwhile, Amber Codrington arrives at the deep-space facility where she will commence her participation in the Programme. But even as her body is being prepared for its new role as a host for alien young, in ways both arousing and embarrassing, she wonders if anybody can ever truly be ready for the rigours and weirdness of being implanted by an alien…

Twelve women. Sixty aliens. One purpose.

Xenofestation 1-02 – Beached is the second episode in a darkly erotic sci-fi thriller series from the wicked pen of Paragonas Vaunt.

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