Xenofestation Sequence 1 – Principia Germinis

Together for the first time in one full-length novel, the first six episodes of Xenofestation, darkly erotic sci-fi adventures of oviposition and alien implantation.

Twelve women. Sixty aliens. One purpose.

What is the purpose of the experimental Xenoplantation Programme? Why would a woman apply to join? What would make her travel to a remote space station, far from friends and family, there to offer herself to a bewildering variety of alien creatures, carrying their slimy, squirming offspring inside her own body?
For some, it’s a chance to escape an overcrowded Earth, a society that controls reproductive rights with a draconian grip, obliging all but the richest to seal their wombs for life. Others are on the run from underworld gangs or hiding dark secrets. And then there are the xeno cultists, whose religion tells them enlightenment can only be found by receptive submission to alien need.
There are many rewards for any participant brave enough to allow her body to be filled with strange larvae, a heady cocktail of untold riches and indescribable pleasures for those brave enough to reach for them. But pleasure has a price, and rewards come with risks, not just from the dread creatures she may encounter. For where there is money to be made the shadowy Syndicate crime organisation is always keen to get its hooks in.
The Xenoplantation Programme is eternally hungry for new flesh. Because the human body is the perfect cradle for new life. But not just human life…

Episodes in this collection:

1-01 – Amber Alert
Amber Codrington is running out of money and options, at a crossroads and faced with hard choices. Should she relocate to the outer planets and face the unknown dangers of a colony world? Or perhaps join the mysterious Xenoplantation Programme, and experience alien encounters of a more intimate nature?
Adult video celebrity Ornella Mito would be only too glad of some intimate alien encounters. But both women may find that opportunities in the Programme come with risks, as one existing participant learns when something slimy knocks at her door…
1-02 – Beached
Obscenity is the mother of invention for mercenary explorer Lieutenant Ortiz. Collecting alien specimens for the Xenoplantation Programme is hard enough without a Droon scout destroying all her carefully-placed traps, and besides that she has an unruly troop of mercenary hunters who keep getting in her head. Perhaps she can use one problem to solve another, in a novel and highly satisfying manner.
Meanwhile, as Amber Codrington is being prepared for her new role as a host for alien young, in ways both arousing and embarrassing, she wonders if anyone can ever truly be ready for the rigours and weirdness of being implanted by an alien…
1-03 – Primagravida
The Xenoplantation Programme suddenly becomes very real for Amber Codrington, as she finally enters the implantation chamber for her first alien encounter. Her body has been fully prepared for its new role, but can she overcome her doubts about what she is about to do?
1-04 – The Maiden & The Pit
Life on the arid colony world of Agrarius is tough, but Beatriz Ruiz has a plan – buy a farm, marry the love of her life and start a family, not necessarily in that order. Plus there’s a strange crater newly-opened up in the next valley which needs looking into…
1-05 – A Prayer Before Bed
Tali Slater is in trouble. A gambler whose luck seems to have run out since she fell in with The Syndicate, she’s falling deeper into the red. Now her latest plan to get debt-free – a night with the mysterious Eddie – may prove a gamble too far…
1-06 – Terra Veneri
As a fixer for The Syndicate, Sara Smith is used to organising erotic gatherings for her bosses’ favoured guests. But when her latest job backfires she finds herself facing a long journey back to favour…

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