Xenofestation 1-01 – Amber Alert

Twelve women. Sixty aliens. One purpose.

Why would somebody apply to join the experimental Xenoplantation Programme?

Why would she travel to a remote space station, far from friends and family, and there willingly mate with a bewildering variety of alien creatures, carrying their squirming offspring inside her warm body?

For Amber Codrington, it’s a chance to escape an overcrowded Earth, a society that controls reproductive rights with a draconian grip, obliging all but the richest and most fortunate to seal their wombs for life. For jaded celebrity Ornella Mito, it’s simply a chance to relieve her boredom.

There are many rewards for any participant willing to allow her belly to be filled with alien larvae, a heady cocktail of untold riches and indescribable pleasures, for those brave enough to reach for them. However, pleasure comes with a price, and rewards come with risks, as a current participant in the Programme finds when something slimy comes knocking at her door.

And where there is money to be made there is also crime, and the shadowy Syndicate is never far behind. Once they get their hooks in, they are harder to escape than the clutches of any alien.

And the Xenoplantation Programme is always hungry for new flesh. Because the human body is the perfect cradle for bearing life. But not just human life…

Xenofestation 1-01 – Amber Alert is the first episode in a new darkly erotic sci-fi thriller series from the wicked pen of Paragonas Vaunt

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