Xenofestation 1-05 – A Prayer Before Bed

Tali Slater is in trouble. A gambler whose luck seems to have run out since she fell in with The Syndicate, she is falling deeper into the red. Now her latest plan to get debt-free – a night with the mysterious Eddie – may prove a gamble too far. Meanwhile, in the Xenoplantation Programme, Amber Codrington finds that time to recover from her first implantation may be shorter than she expected… Twelve women. Sixty aliens. One purpose. Xenofestation 1-05 – A Prayer Before Bed is the fifth episode of a series of darkly erotic sci-fi adventures of oviposition and alien...

July 3, 2022

Xenofestation 1-04 – The Maiden and the Pit

Life on the arid colony world of Agrarius is tough, but Beatriz Ruiz has a plan – buy a farm, marry the love of her life and start a family, not necessarily in that order. Plus there’s a strange crater newly-opened up in the next valley which needs looking into. Meanwhile, back on the deep space Xenoplantation facility, Amber Codrington is feeling the effects of her first alien encounter, and in a familial frame of mind as well… Twelve women. Sixty aliens. One purpose. Xenofestation 1-04 – The Maiden and the Pit is the fourth episode of a series of...

July 3, 2022

Xenofestation 1-03 – Primagravida

The Xenoplantation Programme suddenly becomes very real for Amber Codrington, as she finally enters the implantation chamber for her first alien encounter. Her body has been fully prepared for its new role, but can she overcome her doubts about what she is about to do? Meanwhile, back on Terra, Dr Natalie Cooper is unnerved by an unusual yet strangely familiar new candidate for the Programme… Twelve women. Sixty aliens. One purpose. Xenofestation 1-03 – Primagravida is the third episode of a series of darkly erotic sci-fi adventures of oviposition and alien implantation. On sale now at your favourite ebook book...

April 23, 2022

Xenofestation 1-02 – Beached

  Obscenity is the mother of invention as the challenges keep mounting up for mercenary explorer Lieutenant Ortiz. Collecting alien specimens for the Xenoplantation Programme is hard enough without a Droon scout carelessly destroying all her carefully-placed traps, and on top of that she has an unruly troop of mercenary hunters who keep getting in her head. Still, perhaps she can use one problem to solve another, in a novel and highly satisfying manner… Meanwhile, Amber Codrington arrives at the deep-space facility where she will commence her participation in the Programme. But even as her body is being prepared for...

March 12, 2022

How to use sampling on Smashwords to help sell more books

In which PV rants about ebook sampling, and shows you how to sell more books to people like me… What makes a person choose to buy a book by an author they don’t know? For some it’s the blurb. For others it’s the eye-catching cover. Many people will look at the ratings and perhaps scroll through a few reviews to find a reviewer who seems to be interested in the same things they are. For me it’s the sample. Oh, the cover and the reviews and the blurb all contribute to getting me in the door, but before I hit...

March 2, 2022

Xenofestation 1-01 – Amber Alert

Twelve women. Sixty aliens. One purpose. Why would somebody apply to join the experimental Xenoplantation Programme? Why would she travel to a remote space station, far from friends and family, and there willingly mate with a bewildering variety of alien creatures, carrying their squirming offspring inside her warm body? For Amber Codrington, it’s a chance to escape an overcrowded Earth, a society that controls reproductive rights with a draconian grip, obliging all but the richest and most fortunate to seal their wombs for life. For jaded celebrity Ornella Mito, it’s simply a chance to relieve her boredom. There are many...

February 12, 2022

Free Flower

“Today, your personal space is public space.” Three highly-charged public engagements. Three flowers, ready to be plucked. Three men. One woman. One vow. Free Flower is an erotic story of free use, of lust and instinct and being a very good girl. On sale now at your favourite ebook book retailer: Click here to buy Free Flower  

February 12, 2022


On a busy underground carriage, a sexual aggressor lurks. With hidden glances, and surreptitious movements between tightly-packed bodies, secretively acting out their lust, while the other passengers stand by, oblivious to the predator in their midst. But on this crowded train, exactly who is the hunter and who is the prey? On sale now at your favourite ebook book retailer: Click here to buy Arrival  

February 12, 2022

Frank – A Gothic Folly

Good work is hard to find in 19th Century Bavaria. So when Heidi Klein enters the service of a sinister scientist bent on creating life from death, she knows she has little choice but to assist him with dread experiments which may be demeaning, dangerous, perhaps even downright embarrassing. But in deciding to make the best she can of her situation, the last thing she expects is to become emotionally involved in her master’s experiments… Frank is a gothic erotic romance of lightning-torn castles and a burgeoning love between two mismatched lovers. On sale now at your favourite ebook book...

September 22, 2021

The Becoming

From the Society Pages of the Times of London, 26th April 1882 It gives us great pleasure to report a most agreeable occurrence which took place at the commencement of the Ladies’ Becoming Period on Thursday last. Though a relatively novel diversion, the Becoming Period is already as hotly anticipated a part of the Social Season as Royal Ascot, Cheltenham, or – for the rural set – the Running of the Maidens. Though the lion’s share of attention, and the shortest odds, have hitherto been devoted to the obvious candidates – Miss Felicity Spencer, Miss Sarah Francis, and the Wentworth-Walters...

September 1, 2021