Xenofestation 2-02 – The Fence

As a dealer in rare artefacts, Arlo Frenk is used to backroom deals done on the quiet. But events threaten to take an outrageous turn over the sale of his latest secretive and risky item. Meanwhile, gambler Tali Slater arrives on the deep-space facility to begin her latest high-stakes adventure – mating with alien creatures. And religious campaigner Patience Mance reveals a secret of her own… Twelve women. Sixty aliens. One purpose. Xenofestation 2-02 – The Fence is the eighth exciting episode of a series of darkly erotic sci-fi adventures of oviposition and alien implantation. On sale now at your...

February 17, 2023

Xenofestation 2-01 – Leap of Faith

The experimental Xenoplantation Programme always needs new volunteers. Cultists or clones, celebrities with a passion or civilians with dark secrets, the one thing they share is a willingness to mate with strange alien creatures, a role where the risks match the rewards. Those risks and rewards come thick and fast as existing participants Amber and Ornella make shocking discoveries in both medical suite and implantation chamber. Meanwhile, clonemates Julie and Claire Inoue and chastity campaigner Patience Merity Mance find themselves suddenly orphans, adrift and with decisions of their own… Twelve women. Sixty aliens. One purpose. Xenofestation 2-01 – Leap of...

February 17, 2023