Advisory – Xenofestation

Advice for readers of the Xenofestation stories

This is a work of erotic science fiction. It features scenes of a very explicit nature, involving both human-human and human-alien/monster interactions. In addition, there are elements of horror, action adventure, thriller, mystery and even – dare I say it – romance genres. There may even be some moments of humour, because if we can’t laugh at ourselves while we’re getting oviposited by some giant tentacled thing with seventeen eyes, then what can we do? I promise there isn’t much full-on gore, but some parts of the narrative will get pretty dark. Not everybody has a happy ending. Because I think a large part of the enjoyment of a story is not knowing what is going to happen next, I will not be giving specific content warnings for individual episodes, so you should regard every chapter as having the potential to shock. If you are not sure you are ready, not just for all your imagination can conjure but my imagination too, now would be the time to step back. There are a lot of conventional erotic tales out there; this is not one of them.
The plot is complex and detailed, and will hopefully reward somebody looking for all the little clues and hints and callbacks, but at the same time it is also simply a metric fuckton of monster fucking of every shape and variety, so hopefully can be enjoyed whichever way you want to enjoy your stories. There may be bits that make you go ew, or ooooh, and hopefully some that make you go wow. However you enjoy this story, please enjoy in safety.

Monster-fucking, even under controlled experimental conditions, can be dangerous.
This work is not intended as a guide to or example of safe or healthy human-alien sexual interactions. Please always check the biocompatibility score for your alien species, ensure your bioneutraliser and antiparasitic dosages have been completed to schedule, check the expiry date on your purity shield, and always follow the regulations for alien import, ownership, and safe storage for your jurisdiction, both in vitro and in vivo. Remember, a spore pouch is not just for Christmas.