Advisory – The Oviposition Chronicles

Advice for readers of The Oviposition Chronicles

This is a work of erotic fiction, and a very rude one at that. Intended exclusively for an adult audience, it graphically depicts scenes of a highly sexual nature. These stories revolve around the subject of oviposition, a rather unique fetish which revolves around egg implantation. Put simply, these stories involve the placing of eggs, often by mysterious fictional creatures, inside fictional humans, for the purposes of nefarious alien reproduction or some such. In some stories there are challenging themes around the nature of consent and personal risk.

I issue a content warning for all the stories, but Intromission in particular is very dark. I think it would be fair to describe this as a horror story. I don’t want to give away the plot, but I really mean this – it gets dark. Please consider this advice and exercise your judgement when choosing to read on.

These stories are very sexually explicit; I can accept no responsibility if your loins catch fire while reading this book.

If you do decide to delve in, I hope you enjoy this anthology, and I’ll see you at the other end.